International Projects

The European project TEDDA, has the objective to accompany European associative structures and actors in their ecological transition, through the
There is an urgent need in Europe to overcome social forces and tendencies that lead to conflict, division and social
The #DiOtherCity project proposes an adult learning programme for professionals in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), who wish to
#Gaming4skills project The use of games in education or to improve people's skills has a long history, but lately, the
Across Europe, exhibitions are used as a common educational practice to enhance learners’ critical thinking, problem solving and reflection. A common
The #HITproject curriculum has at its heart the concept of 'Hate Interrupter Teams' (HIT): working groups of young people (14-19)
The #ACTIVproject has as its main objective the socioprofessional (re)integration of women confronted with domestic violence. According to a study
The RAIN.BOW project aims to promote social inclusion and positive values ​​through the introduction of non-formal educational methods in schools.
We present the #ReSolutionEU project in short: In view of the increased difficulty facing European actors in charge of social
U S E R - S E "United Services for Social Enterprises"  "United Services for Social Enterprises" (USER-SE) is a
The European Union is facing huge challenges related to the digitalization of work. According to the European Commission, only 54%
The aim of the #TUTORBOT project is to design, test and teach trainers on an innovative digital learning tool and
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