The Trainers4Creativity (T4C) project supported Trainers/Youth Workers active in the creative and cultural areas by making them more skilled and prepared for a context dominated by uncertainty, with the development of a set of training resources that help them to offer attractive and accessible activities while contributing to making SCCs (cultural and creative sectors) more resilient and adapted to the “new normal”.

The main objective of the project was to make youth organisations more resilient, inclusive, and attractive by training their trainers/youth workers in the following aspects:

*Management of their activities in various areas under a digital/virtual approach.
*Implementing the use of different creative tools such as Lego, music, visual and performing arts, etc. in their activities.
*Improve the accessibility of its activities, taking into account the different barriers that young people may have.
*To increase the visibility and reach of its activities.
*Encourage cooperation in innovative training resources, in the design and supply and demand of creative solutions to complex problems and the visibility of the work of their institutions.

The project brought together a balanced and complementary partnership with experienced entities in different cultural and creative areas, which enabled the development of innovative results under a digital and accessible approach, based on their experience in:

*Cultural activities aimed at young people.
*State-of-the-art training content and tools.
*Digital and virtual tools adapted to cultural and creative contexts.
*Social responsibility and inclusion in the youth field.
*Immersive games.

Members of the association:

Dodo Laboratory

More information on the project website: