October 25, 2021 – #ChangeOfView local presentation

The CHANGE OF VIEW project aims to renew the methods of support for vulnerable groups, in particular the remobilization phase, the first step in any training program. The 6 partners of the project from 4 EU countries, Belgium, Spain, France and Luxembourg, contribute in their usual activities to one or more European priorities such as the fight against school and / or work dropout, the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, the development of transversal skills and the…

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4 & 8 Nov 2021 practical workshop for teachers – #RainbowErasmusPlus project

Sing up for this two-day workshop for teachers and educators, with practical tips and free resources on how to explore civic and social values with teenagers (incl. human rights, prevention of hate speech, media literacy, etc.) 4th Nov – Theory and methodologies : RAINBOW project and elParlante‘s experience in the classroom and access to resources. 8th Nov – Practical tips and exercises : Dialogue about resources and co-creation of a concrete edu-communication project for the classroom (with based on…

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NEW DATE: 15th September 2021 – #livingSTEM event in Barcelona

NEW DATE: 15th September 2021 – #livingSTEM event in Barcelona The #livingSTEM project uses the practical experience of Permaculture to involve young people between 10 and 14 years old in scientific subjects, to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) learning. At the same time, it creates awareness with educators and young people about environmental problems, and provides them with some key elements for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The #livingSTEM project offers more than 50 recreational-educational activities around six themes.…

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21 May 2021 (11:00) We guide you back to work! Local event #ReSolution (in Catalan/Spanish)

The public away from the labor market is a heterogeneous group of the population aged 15 to 64, including particularly vulnerable young people and long-term job seekers. Their professional integration is a major problem. It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify them on the one hand and mobilize them on the other to take an active approach to mentoring through existing tools. CEPS Social Projects, with the collaboration of the association La Perifèrica, participate in the project #ReSolutionEU co-financed by…

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Interview with the soicologist Carmen Fructuoso

“Convergent perspectives on socio-educational actions” This month we have interviewed Carmen Fructuoso, a great sociologist from La Periférica Association and collaborator in the #Changeofview_eu and #ReSolutionEU projects. During the interview we talk about La Periférica Association and its networking strategies to be able to reach as many people and structures as possible. We also treat games as a pedagogical tool for people in a risk situation as part of the Change of View project. In additton, we learned how to…

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26 Nov 2020 – Press conference #HITproject

Event in Spanish and Catalan (hours from 11:00 to 12:00)   Facebook: PRESS RELEASE CEPS Projectes Socials in Barcelona, invites media professionals, teachers, educators, young people and everyone who is interested, to participate in this event where the videos and other material created by young people against hate speech and behavior and racism will be presented, promoted by #HITproject ( 11:00 Welcome – gigi guizzo, CEPS, project coordinator in Barcelona 11:10 Presentation of the videos and actions of the…

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#HITproject best practice manual for youth empowerment

The Best practice Manual has been developed within the framework of the #HITproject for the empowerment of young people to counter hate speech. It is aimed at young people, local authorities, civil society organizations active in the field of human rights, including national contact points for the Hate Discourse Movement, media professionals, educators. The #HITproject promotes “Hate Interrupter Teams”: Young people countering hate speech towards migrants and minorities through a participatory and creative campaign (“HIT”). It is a 24-month project,…

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***APLAÇAMENT DE L’ACTIVITAT FINS A NOVA DATA*** Taller de 8 hores on treballarem els principis bàsics de com aplicar l’eina dels Playmobil® i la mirada sistèmica dins la mediació i la resolució de conflictes. Preu: 80€ i pels associats al CEESC o ACDMA 50€. En aquesta proposta hi té cabuda la part teòrica i, sobretot, la part pràctica, ja que estarem utilitzant els Playmobil® amb dinàmiques per veure diferents opcions i la seva funcionalitat dins un procés de mediació. Docent:…

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#HITproject Seminar and Syllabus on Human Rights & HSBM (wp3.12 – d23)

The #HITproject seminar was designed to is target at least 15 Stakeholders and Opinion formers in each partner country, aiming at raising awareness about Human Rights and research how to best counteract Hate Speech and Behaviour against Migrants (HSBM). To create a replicable model, partners designed a flexible Syllabus, which is available here: D3_12_SyllabusEN At the end of the seminar, participants should be able to recognise the positive value of creativity in campaigns against HSMB. Target groups: trainers, educators, researchers,…

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