Access to cultural and social capital

CEPS activity is multiple, interdisciplinary and transversal. Every single project related with an open exchange of views, methods and ways of intervention.

Find free training material in our “Making projects: Open Educational Resources” for community, learning, culture and sustainability.

TRAINING ACTIVITIES CEPS provides training for professionals in the fields of education, culture and promotion of welfare (including e-learning). Training actions are designed for professionals in order to give effective responses to their needs, as determined by studies carried out in the sectors of reference. CEPS is also involved in different masters and postgraduate studies at different Universities in Spain.

EDUCATION Main target of CEPS projects are children and youth at risk of social exclusion and activity is focused in non formal education or innovation in education.

  • Residential centres of educational action.-  CEPS runs shelters for 4 to 18 year-old who are at different levels of risk of exclusion. The core action consist of individualized assistance of every case, translated into a specific educational project for every single child.
  • Open centres.- CEPS runs socio-educational resources for 4 to 16 year-old children. These promote integration principles and encourage social abilities in children. This in turn benefits their personal development and stimulates creativity through games.
  • Kindergartens.- CEPS runs kindergartens providing an integral educational model based on personal development and social discovery.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION CEPS runs cultural mediation projects of prevention and resolution of conflicts in areas where problems of interaction require teams of professionals intervening as mediators and community creators.

STUDIES AND RESEARCH Studies and research area is considered both transversally and uniquely. Transversally because results and processes are applied in the different running projects and in the social and third sector. Uniquely because it has an internal structure with personal resources. In such a sense, it is crucial the partnership with Universities and Studies centres all over Spain, Europe and Latin America.

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