Who we are, what we do

CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS is a non-profit association founded in 1994 and has 230 professionals working mainly in the Catalan and Spanish territories, with projects developed in Latin America and Europe. It is registered as “Associació per a la creació d’estudis i projectes socials”.The mission of our organization is to facilitate access to the social and cultural capital of a community to people through their empowerment, the promotion of cohesion and social inclusion and the fight against social inequalities. In order to achieve this, CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS defines its frame of  intervention and management  (training, education, community, international projects) in a model based in a clear balance between efficiency and innovation.

A strategic and social view of the use of technologies is put into practice, new ways of participation are tested and strategic partnerships are developed at a local and international level. Evaluation and creativity blend together into inspiring  solutions for the community.

CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS is responsible for the management and implementation of socio-educational activities for children, young people and adults, further training for professionals and innovative research and development in new projects and practices.

The Association is determined to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people, who are in its care or participate in its activities, from harm. Its child protection policy establishes the Association’s position, role and responsibilities and clarifies what is expected from everybody involved in the Association.



T. 933 194 750 | F. 933 195 813
Gran de Sant Andreu, 388 08030 Barcelona

Work with us

CEPS Projectes Socials disposa, en aplicació de la legislació vigent, d’un canal de denúncies que garanteix la confidencialitat. Si creus que s’ha comés o s’està produint una infracció, ho pots comunicar. Canal de denúncies