The Best practice Manual has been developed within the framework of the #HITproject for the empowerment of young people to counter hate speech. It is aimed at young people, local authorities, civil society organizations active in the field of human rights, including national contact points for the Hate Discourse Movement, media professionals, educators.

The #HITproject promotes “Hate Interrupter Teams”: Young people countering hate speech towards migrants and minorities through a participatory and creative campaign (“HIT”). It is a 24-month project, co-financed by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship program of the European Commission. The project focuses on the development of a new model of empowering young Europeans to tackle racism, xenophobia and discrimination against migrants. The #HITproject groups of young people between 14 and 19 years of age, have the help of mentors and experienced professionals who guide their process towards the achievement of the objective. The #HITproject deals with the creation of new networks and spaces for dialogue and exchange, awareness-raising activities and campaigns, exchange of good practices, offering a new model of capacity-building that is highly transferable throughout Europe and at national level so that both authorities and professionals can reproduce and adapt it.

The #HIT project (REC-RRAC-RACI-AG-2017-807861) has been co-financed with the support of the DG for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. Its content and materials are the sole responsibility of their authors. The Commission is not responsible for the use that may be made of the information contained therein.