Climate change and migration present two seemingly separate challenges. However, these issues are inextricably linked. They are global problems that are not isolated, interdependent, intertwined and complex. It is therefore important that they are approached in a connected manner.

Within this challenging framework, Beyond the Tales addresses youth workers to provide them with knowledge and information to enable them to acquire and strengthen skills and develop a critical understanding of climate migration.

Through the educational and awareness-raising approach, it also promotes the connection between youth workers and young people, spreads understanding and solidarity among them, and fosters activation for a climate and socially just society.

The Beyond the Tales team developed in 24 months four main project outcomes related to capacity building, qualitative research, an online course, and a booklet with global youth stories on climate change and migration.

These results were achieved through European cooperation actions including the transfer of good practices, focus groups with youth workers, blended learning, and local activities.

Beyond the Tales is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Humanitas (Slovenia) in collaboration with Sudwind (Austria), Umanotera (Slovenia), CEPS (Spain), LDA Mostar (BIH).

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