London Process

Euler in London looks closely at the gap between abilities individuals have to offer on the one hand, and demand for skills as structured by the labour market on the other. It starts with a thorough analysis of the world of work: who shapes the market of jobs and employment, how do they think it will change, how will talent be recognized and certified when traditional diploma’s and certificates will no longer work?

With a group of residents from North London, a trajectory is developed in which participants’ skills are unlocked –they will get a chance to show their skills- they are deepened –improved with help of experts– and finally their skill set will be transformed into a profile that works in the labour market.

Local partner:

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March – April 2016: stakeholder analysis; May 2016 Sharing Analysis with wider public; September-May 2017: work in North London with local community; June 2017 sharing local work with wider public; September 2017: sharing local work with interntional public

Process approach:

With the preliminary analysis City Mine(d) creates buy-in from a wider group of stakeholder who can assess and support the profiles developed in the local area.

[Elephant Path]: June Update
[Elephant Path]: June Update 14 June, 2017 jim

ElephantPath-JuneUpdate from Jim on Vimeo.

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Trace a new Elephant Path with us! 11 January, 2017 jim

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[Elephant Path]: Method ø state of affairs
[Elephant Path]: Method ø state of affairs 13 February, 2017 jim

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The Euler toolkit: all in one place
The Euler toolkit: all in one place 23 December, 2017 jim

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Books launched
Books launched 10 November, 2017 jim

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[Elephant Path]: improve the method
[Elephant Path]: improve the method 10 February, 2017 jim

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Euler ~ North London
Euler ~ North London 16 September, 2016 jim

Why are we taking this initiative? We believe that poorer areas in cities are not poor in skills and competences. They are poor in jobs and inward [...]

Interview prof Pissarides
Interview prof Pissarides 30 August, 2016 jim

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[Elephant Path]: The Experiment
[Elephant Path]: The Experiment 19 June, 2017 jim

This new page was just added to the Elephant Path website, outlining where its at.