Collecting Layers – Mapping Lab report

Collecting Layers – Mapping Lab report

On March 24th the third Mehringplatz MapLab has taken place at the Kiezstube. The neighbourhood mapping exercise has been coordinated by the social designers Stefan Göllner and Jan Lindenberg of place/making Berlin. With the help of an appositely prepared mapping set using transparent layers, the group of participants has been involved in a short walk of the area, mapping very different phenomena or elements characterising the neighbourhood.

Each one has selected a different subject according to their background and interest, ranging from more volatile behaviours and signs to the physical distribution  of  different typologies of objects. Among the chosen subjects:

  • Salma: places of gathering / socialization
  • Rasha and Rossella: gender distribution / gendered use of space
  • Ahmed: accessibility / fenced spaces
  • Iman: spoken languages
  • Li: signs and bills
  • Stefan: seats / benches
  • Jan: Bycicles stalls
  • Lorenzo: Fading city
  • Li: Sounds

While the itinerary to follow has been free choice of every participant, three main spot have been identified, mandatory to each one to cross: the  Mehringplatz “Rondell”, Theodor Wolff Park, and  the Blumenmarkt/Besselpark.

Back to the Kiezstube, the single patterns captured by the participants have been overlapped and confronted, discussing connections and matching or mismatching configurations. Furthermore, a set of existing mappings of Mehringpltaz printed in scale have been provided to add other layers of information to confront with the observation of the participants.



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