The third public conversation of the Switch On Mehrinplatz program involves the activists of Prinzessinenngarten and the Nachbarschaftsakademie, discussing the capacity of bottom-up voluntary projects to foster urban transformation .

What skills and competences are formed and shared in spontaneous citizens initiatives? How these can be endorsed and mobilised? What practices can be employed to empower communities and foster a more just and sustainable city?

These questions will be debated in dialogue with Marco Clausen and Andreas Unteidig, and successively represented during the third Urban Reconnaissance Lab dedicated to the exploration of the “Spontaneous City”.

Public conversation with Marco Clausen and Andreas Unteidig.
Wednesday, February 15, 7 pm

URLab #3 – Spontaneous City
Saturday, February 18, 10am – 7 pm
Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9 – 10969 Berlin

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  1. Feb 28, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    […] with Marco Clausen (Prinzessinnengärten), and Andreas Unteidig (Design Research Lab UdK) at “Switch on Mehringplatz” about activating local knowdledge for urban transformation feom the bottom up, the […]

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