URLab #2 – Platform City

URLab #2 – Platform City


The second Mehringplatz Urban Reconnaissance Laboratory takes place in the framework of the Platform Coops event. We will employ two exercises,  “Market City” and “CyberCity”, to investigate the effects of ICT and social media on urban economies and how digitally mediated interactions affect urban space.  With an eye at the negative consequences in terms of precarisation, dispossession and gentrification, and one at the emancipatory potential for distributed and redistributive economic models, we will explore Berlin’s urban space as a prototypical interface between physical and virtual world. A hybrid geography which translates an immense variety of acts and behaviours into data and informational architectures.


  • 2pm introduction and discussion, at Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin
  • 4pm walk towards Neukölln
  • 17.30 wrap up  + dinner at Agora, Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

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info [at] tesserae.eu

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