StoryLab #1 – Collective Narrations

StoryLab #1 – Collective Narrations

26 November 2016, Supermarkt Berlin

How can we use storytelling to create collective narrations, investigate transient subjectivities and understand the reality of transforming places?

The first workshop of the Story Lab discussed the potentialities of storytelling and different approaches using narrative as a tool to investigate places and mobilize communities. The presentation by Laura Colini has introduced a wide range of different approaches employing traditional and digital storytelling forms to give voice to collective representation process.

Mehringplatz_StoryLab#1 from TESSERAE on Vimeo.

The second part of the laboratory has been employed to survey the participants interests and background to figure out a common project for investigating the neighbourhood of Mehringplatz. Although conceived as a self standing project, situated knowledge and ideas produced by the previous Urban Reconnaissance and Mapping Labs have been reported and integrated in the discussion.

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