MapLab 1- The Map as a Commons

MapLab 1- The Map as a Commons


Saturday November 19th has taken place the first Mapping laboratory Mehringplatz Anknipsen. The scope of the meeting was to identify collaborative tools and to define a common scope for a mapping exercise regarding the Mehringplatz Area. The group of participants contributed with a rich variety of backgrounds and interests, which will constitute an added value in the plan to create a collaborative atlas part of the Solidarity Curriculum Mehringplatz.


The presentation by Sebastian Meier was very incisive and provided us with plenty of information about tools that can be used to develop collaborative mapping projects. Thi hepled to identify in U-map the most suitable platform to collect geo-located data for our project. However, it is evident that we are interested also in phenomena that are not necessarily or univocally located by geographical coordinates. This topic will be the object of next MapLab #2 ⁄”Mapping actors and economies” on Saturday January 14th, 2-7 pm.

In the second part of the evening each of the participant identified during the discussion a specific focus / layer / category of phenomena to observe and map. This should be the starting point for each one to develop a personal mapping exercise, and possibly become the basis for creating different layers of a collective map. We also reconnected here with the methodology employed in the first URLab, suggesting the exercises of Urban Reconnaissance as a way to identify specific perspective sto look at the urban space, and accordingly, specific layers of the map that could be investigated.

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