MapLab Mehringplatz

MapLab Mehringplatz


Training module on collaborative mapping

Maps provide the capacity to visualise, analyse and design strategies to transform social relations with and within a given space. This training module will explore the opportunities provided by collaborative open source software for the creation of maps and graphs as innovative tools for public participation and alternative economies. During the five workshops we will tackle such topics as:

  1. The map as a commons. A survey on existing software and digital infrastructures available for collaborative community projects.
  2. Mapping actors and economies. Exploring non geo-located phenomena, power relations and political agency.
  3. Mapping between privacy and radical openness. Questioning identity, publishing and user policies, data collection and ownership, protection from exploitation and surveillance.
  4. Layers and categories. Organizing information browsing, designing the visual restitution of data.
  5. From the map to the atlas. Connecting to multiple resources, and media. The map as a hypertext.

The laboratory will be practically devoted to the visualisation the socio economic situation of the Südliche Friedrichstadt area, assembling an essential part of the Solidarity Curriculum produced as the outcome of the Mehringplatz Anknipsen program. The participation to the activities of the lab is free.

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