URlab #1 – City of Commons

URlab #1 – City of Commons

The first Urban Reconnaissance laboratory on Mehringplatz will explore the perspective of the city as a common good.

“The city is a commonwealth, a collaborative environment based on shared resources, free knowledge and collective practices. “Commoning” is a constitutive process of urban organization, establishing and reproducing communities, and defining boundaries, protocols and principles of distribution. Urban commons are hybrid institutions for the management of material and relational resources subject to exhaustion, obsolescence and expropriation; they must be constantly cared for, reclaimed and regenerated”.

This definition of city is one of the 64 assembled in the Exercises in Urban Reconnaissance methodological toolbox. It will be the starting point for workshop exploring the identity and potential resources of the Südliche Friedrichstadt area in Berlin. We will focus on the contextual urban reality to discuss how “commoning” can represent a concrete tool for improving the collective capacity to shape and manage neighbourhoods and promote more just and sustainable economies.


Wednesday, October 26

  • 19pm – 23 pm: Commons in Practice. Public discussion and introduction of the URlab

Thursday, October 27

  • 10 am: URlab presentation of the methodology and the itinerary
  • 12 am: Urban walk / lunch break in the neighbourhood
  • 16.30 pm: wrap-up and finalisation of the lab results

Ogino Knauss is a Berlin based collective dealing with urban research, experimental media and psycho-geography.

register at info@tesserae.eu or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/urlab-1-city-of-commons-tickets-27429196465

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