Euler ~ North London

Euler ~ North London

Why are we taking this initiative?


We believe that poorer areas in cities are not poor in skills and competences. They are poor in jobs and inward investment, and in interfaces and networks that enable residents to earn money with the skills they have.

With our pilot project, we want to set up a structure that harnesses different skills in the area, and makes them available to customers in adjacent office and business districts.

We were inspired by the business concept of a concierge company. This is a company that offers everyday services to employees at their place of work. Services can range from laundry, ironing and alteration of clothing, shoemaking, reception of parcels, welfare (hairdressing, massage, relaxation), car wash, flower delivery, purchasing of travel ticket to domestic benefits (household, childcare, DIY, gardening) or other services to facilitate the personal lives of employees.[*]

With our enterprise we want to create an example of an interface between the present skills and the wider economy. If successful, this strategy can go further than existing skill swapping of local barter economy, but attract real local investment to the local area, and provide members of the company with an income.

  1. [*]


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