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Italian PA opens its doors to foreign nationals

Italian PA opens its doors to foreign nationals

Italy has just made a step ahead in fighting discrimination against foreign workers, and finally complied – with delay – with European legislation. From September 4th, also immigrants to whom Italian citizenship has not been granted yet can apply for jobs in Public Administration.  However, the law imposes two restrictions: first of all, only foreign nationals holding a residence card (carta di soggiorno), refugee status or subsidiary protection status (status di protezione sussidiaria) can take part in state competitions for access to jobs in PA. Secondly, they cannot apply for jobs that imply the exercise of state powers. This means that there will be no foreign nationals among the members of the police, the judiciary or the military; however, it will be possible to find immigrants who teach in Italian state schools, are employed by municipal offices or take care of patients in hospitals.”


French National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) looks into a ¨territorial¨ discrimination

National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) is worried about the inhabitants of some ZUS. The study shows that there is a link between a physic address and chances to get a job in France. If you have a ¨bad¨ address, you probably face with discrimination during the recruitment process.[Source]