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Facebook removes ads from controversial pages to avoid boycott

Facebook is under pressure of adverts. Big companies don´t want to see their advertising campaign on Facebook page of controversial groups. Now, a leader of social-media system is looking for a new procedure also called as a ¨gold standard¨ which will able to select ¨secure¨ pages for adverts.[Source]

Users and advertisers against Facebook sexist contents

Women, Action and the Media launched a campaign to get Facebook to end hate speech against women on its website and urged users and advertisers to pull their support. The companies stopped their ads and FB said it would review its guidelines, update training for employees and increase accountability for those who post such matter.


The Facebook page REPORTING RACISM is often misleading and racist

This facebook community was born in opposition to the facebook community REPORTING RACISM (SEGNALIAMO IL RAZZISMO). The community administrator specifies that this page is open to everyone whose comments on REPORTING RACISM have been deleted or addressed as racist ones. Most of posts express a racist point of view and concern mainly cultural and political issues relating to migrants.