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Gender inequality in the cyberspace: UN Women’s New Ad Campaign

 Source: Time

Gute Werbung/UN Women

A campaign from UN Women uses google to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem.The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web. For example, typing ‘women shouldn’t’ brings up popular search terms such as ‘women shouldn’t work’ and ‘women shouldn’t have rights’.

French National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) looks into a ¨territorial¨ discrimination

National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) is worried about the inhabitants of some ZUS. The study shows that there is a link between a physic address and chances to get a job in France. If you have a ¨bad¨ address, you probably face with discrimination during the recruitment process.[Source]

Racist media under the watchful eye of a group of youths

The group of youths (Italian, immigrants and second generation) who created “Occhio ai media”, an observatory whose aim is monitoring and reporting racist and discriminatory press, wrote the book ¨Nella mia tendopoli nessuno è straniero¨. The book tells about the earthquake that took place in Emilia Romagna from the immigrants point of view: they lost their homes and lived side by side with italians inside the tents.


Searchlight opposes racism and fascism in Britain and abroad.

Searchlight was founded in 1964 as an occasional publication and press agency, and became a monthly magazine in 1975. From the outset it has been uniquely successful in gathering and analysing intelligence on the far right. The results of this work are used far beyond the pages of the magazine and our other publications.

Searchlight exposes the fascists and racists’ activities and alerts the antifascist community to our opponents’ intentions, plans and trends. We are the only publication regularly to investigate and analyse the far right’s ideological powerhouse, the New Right. Searchlight is the first port of call for activists, journalists, politicians and academics seeking information on organised racism in Britain.