‘Me, You, Us and Them’ course in October – Free

‘Me, You, Us and Them’ course in October – Free

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Getting ready to pilot a training course at Collage Arts as part of the ICUD European partnership. The course consists of 3 workshops which explore identity, self-disclosure in peer groups and on-line/social media and subtle discrimination. The pilot is being developed with young people using photography, collage and video. ‘Me, You, Us and Them’ will run in October and result in an awareness-raising video.

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The ICUD Project

The ICUD Project aims to Creatively Unveil hidden forms of Discrimination on the Internet, especially on social network sites (sns) such as facebook, and provide practical tools to combat discrimination online. The six project partners will research on the internet different examples of discrimination, in order to create a methodology and creative material to combat it.

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