We start FB research

We start FB research

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Following on from the ICUD kick off meeting, Collage Arts decided to implement the concept of ‘Ambassadors’ across the 3 FB research study groups and have to date engaged 3 young ‘Ambassadors’ from the University group and 2 each from secondary education and NEET groups.   Initial training and discussions have taken place with these Ambassadors and the facebook profile for one of the Secondary Education Ambassadors is now up and running.  For this cohort we have engaged the support of a progressive thinking college outside of London, who have agreed to engage up to 60 young people from their International Baccalaureate programme, one of whom will use the ICUD programme as part of their Community Activity element.  We anticipate the remaining 6 facebook profiles being up and running by the beginning of April.

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The ICUD Project

The ICUD Project aims to Creatively Unveil hidden forms of Discrimination on the Internet, especially on social network sites (sns) such as facebook, and provide practical tools to combat discrimination online. The six project partners will research on the internet different examples of discrimination, in order to create a methodology and creative material to combat it.

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