Pilot training update

Pilot training update

Posted on 21 October by
Since our last update, it has been a busy period of planning, developing and delivering the first set of ICUD pilot training workshops in London. Dr Denise Stanley (local research...
The second partner meeting

The second partner meeting

Posted on 01 August by
The meeting was devoted to discuss all of training and research details regarding the interdisciplinary groups and the EU conference. We had also a great pleasure on visiting our London´s...
We start FB research

We start FB research

Posted on 14 March by
Following on from the ICUD kick off meeting, Collage Arts decided to implement the concept of ‘Ambassadors’ across the 3 FB research study groups and have to date engaged 3...

Collage Arts
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Tel: (+44) 208 365 7500
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Local project coordinator: Manoj Ambasna, manoj@collage-arts.org

The ICUD Project

The ICUD Project aims to Creatively Unveil hidden forms of Discrimination on the Internet, especially on social network sites (sns) such as facebook, and provide practical tools to combat discrimination online. The six project partners will research on the internet different examples of discrimination, in order to create a methodology and creative material to combat it.

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