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Netherlands uncovers $120m ‘Bulgarian fraud’ benefits scam

The Dutch government is concerned at the number of fraud-related cases detected in the Social Security system. Bulgarian residents filled false claims for childcare and housing benefits. This incident has provoked a negative reaction from a local population. [Source]

In crisis-hit Athens, plans for a mosque reveal deep divisions

The anti-Muslim atmosphere which prevails in Greece could pose a danger to immigrants. A new ¨clash¨ has been produced between Orthodoxes and Muslims due to plans for a mosque. In time of crisis, Greeks have become more susceptible to express publicly their ideas about extreme nationalism and racism.[Source]

Facebook removes ads from controversial pages to avoid boycott

Facebook is under pressure of adverts. Big companies don´t want to see their advertising campaign on Facebook page of controversial groups. Now, a leader of social-media system is looking for a new procedure also called as a ¨gold standard¨ which will able to select ¨secure¨ pages for adverts.[Source]

Racist media under the watchful eye of a group of youths

The group of youths (Italian, immigrants and second generation) who created “Occhio ai media”, an observatory whose aim is monitoring and reporting racist and discriminatory press, wrote the book ¨Nella mia tendopoli nessuno è straniero¨. The book tells about the earthquake that took place in Emilia Romagna from the immigrants point of view: they lost their homes and lived side by side with italians inside the tents.