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Stop landings to Lampedusa Island

This Facebook community is called “Stop landings to Lampedusa” and has born as an apolitical movement fighting against immigrants´ arrival in Lampedusa island in Southern Italy. Though the community administrator does not explicit his of her racist point of view, most of profile posts express racist opinions which make immigrants guilty about bad and disrespectful behaviors.


The View from the Streets: Immigration

A crew of intrepid Citizen TV makers learning to shoot with WORLDbytes, take to the streets to investigate public attitudes to immigration. On asking people what they think about the idea of ‘Open Borders’ many responses are refreshingly positive. Some may argue this is because it’s Hackney and Wood Green in Cosmopolitan London but its clear old fashioned ‘racism’ has had its day. Politicians can not blame the 2nd class citizenship they impose through immigration law on public attitudes. ‘Too few resources’ for ‘too many people’ is more common but we’ll visit the streets to check out public views on that next.