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Going Crazy with numbers!

Going Crazy with numbers!

Italy’s National Office against Racial Discrimination (UNAR) investigated 1,283 cases of discrimination in 2012, up 61% on the year, according to its Contact Center. The UNAR emphasized that the data could indicate a higher sensitivity to possible discrimination by the public at large and a greater tendency to report. The majority of complaints, 19.6%, came from the northern Lombardy region around Milan, followed by 14.4% in the central Lazio region around Rome


French National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) looks into a ¨territorial¨ discrimination

National Observatory of Sensitive urban zones (ZUS) is worried about the inhabitants of some ZUS. The study shows that there is a link between a physic address and chances to get a job in France. If you have a ¨bad¨ address, you probably face with discrimination during the recruitment process.[Source]

Two Swedish teens convicted for Instagram insults

Two girls used an anonymous account on Instagram to make unpleasant comments about other young people on a photo posted online. They have been judged and finned. The risk of using a false or an anonymous identity is high, but it becomes more and more difficult to stay invisible online. [Source]

Netherlands uncovers $120m ‘Bulgarian fraud’ benefits scam

The Dutch government is concerned at the number of fraud-related cases detected in the Social Security system. Bulgarian residents filled false claims for childcare and housing benefits. This incident has provoked a negative reaction from a local population. [Source]

Facebook removes ads from controversial pages to avoid boycott

Facebook is under pressure of adverts. Big companies don´t want to see their advertising campaign on Facebook page of controversial groups. Now, a leader of social-media system is looking for a new procedure also called as a ¨gold standard¨ which will able to select ¨secure¨ pages for adverts.[Source]