EU safer internet network

30 EU Internet Helplines

The Ins@fe helpline network comprises 30 centres from around the EU, plus Iceland, Norway and Russia. They are an integral part of the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) structure.

Find out more and links to 30 country helplines on the Ins@fe website.

Cyberbullying, legal frame and tools

According to the European Commission, Cyberbullying is repeated verbal or psychological harassment carried out by an individual or group against others. It can take many forms: mockery, insults, threats, rumours, gossip, “happy slapping”, disagreeable comments or slander. Interactive online services (e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging) and mobile phones have given bullies new opportunities and ways in which they can abuse their victims.

The DELETE CYBERBULLYING Project is a European Awareness Raising Campaign on Cyberbullying
Under the Daphne III Programme (Duration: 1st February 2013-end June 2014), which offers many usefull links, tools, tips and legal information about the subject.

Find out more on their website:

Líneas de ayuda en España


es el CENTRO DE SEGURIDAD EN INTERNET para los menores en España, dependiente del Safer Internet Programme de la COMISIÓN EUROPEA. Es la única organización española miembro permanente del INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines), del INSAFE (European network of Awareness Centres) dependiente de la Comisión Europea, y de eNACSO (European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online).

Aquí la web con línes de ayuda gratuitas:

Free help and advice online

Family Lives is a UK charity

that offers free support, guidance and advice helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life. You can access their website for helpful tips and literature, but also contact their 24 hour UK helplines :

You can contact Family Lives Family Support Workers through Live Chat, email us or call the confidential helpline on 0808 800 2222. You can also share experiences and advice with other parents on the Forums.

Meet the Ninjas who Fight Hate Speech

Meet the Ninjas who Fight Hate Speech

The No Hate Ninjas is a group of 5 young activists from Europe who take on the ninja mask for one mission: fighting hate speech online and offline.

It is a spin-off movement to the No Hate Speech Movement of the Council of Europe to make the campaign more visible.


2 artists, Raquel and Eszter, design the graphics and posters you can see on their tumblr blog.


The goal is to amplify the impact of the No Hate Speech Movement by reaching out to those who would not primarily be interested in the campaign. How?  Through interaction and radicalism. For example, they organised a dance party in


Do follow them on social networks! And be sure to watch their video about Cats, Unicorns and Hate Speech.



(Thanks to the ninjas for sparing some time for the interview)