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Gender inequality in the cyberspace: UN Women’s New Ad Campaign

 Source: Time

Gute Werbung/UN Women

A campaign from UN Women uses google to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem.The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web. For example, typing ‘women shouldn’t’ brings up popular search terms such as ‘women shouldn’t work’ and ‘women shouldn’t have rights’.

Racism at school

Racism at school

In a very short time and at a very short distance, in the province of Bergamo and in the province of Novara, the parents of some Italian pupils withdrew their children from school because there were many foreign children in class and foreign children were then transferred to other schools. Lega Nord uses the opportunity to reiterate the proposal of setting up “separate classes for foreign children who do not know Italian”.


Two Swedish teens convicted for Instagram insults

Two girls used an anonymous account on Instagram to make unpleasant comments about other young people on a photo posted online. They have been judged and finned. The risk of using a false or an anonymous identity is high, but it becomes more and more difficult to stay invisible online. [Source]

Netherlands uncovers $120m ‘Bulgarian fraud’ benefits scam

The Dutch government is concerned at the number of fraud-related cases detected in the Social Security system. Bulgarian residents filled false claims for childcare and housing benefits. This incident has provoked a negative reaction from a local population. [Source]