Nele Verhofstadt

Educative services director with more than 5 years of experience in technology applied to education.


Non-lucrative social and educative action entity created in 1987 with more than 230.000 annual beneficiaries. It acts mostly in Catalonia but also intervenes in programs in other territories.


In its action on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the Foundation acts through the Digital Action department, whose aim is to lead socio-educative projects based on digital alphabetization and citizen capacity-building.

It places technologies at the service of education and society working along three axes:

 1. Non formal education

  • Senior (55+ years).
  • Adults and different groups.
  • Education on leisure.

 2. Cyber citizenship

  • Safe internet.
  • Workshops on the safe use of ICT for teenagers, youth, families and teachers.

 3. Formal education

  • ApS projects (learning and service)
  • Assistance and support to the faculty and AMPAS.
  • School support for pupils.