Pilot sessions with educators in Romania

Pilot sessions with educators in Romania

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PACT Foundation conducted a series of training sessions with educators in Romania.

The training – “Web surfers 2.0. The unseen face of the Internet“-  comprised two face-to-face sessions. The first focused on the concept of discrimination and forms of discrimination in general. It took place in Bucharest, at PACT’s headquarters on November, 22nd. The second was held on December, 9th and introduced the notion of hidden discrimination and shed light on the forms of online discrimination we encounter these days.

The educators’ training followed the same lines of content structure as the one designed for the youngsters but included more of a pedagogical approach in dealing with discrimination and its hidden, invisible and online forms. The educators present at the training sessions came from different districts located in the south of Romania, from small communities that PACT Foundation has worked with during our 10 years of community development experience in this part of the country.

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The ICUD Project

The ICUD Project aims to Creatively Unveil hidden forms of Discrimination on the Internet, especially on social network sites (sns) such as facebook, and provide practical tools to combat discrimination online. The six project partners will research on the internet different examples of discrimination, in order to create a methodology and creative material to combat it.

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