The Project

Young people lack basic carreer management skills although they are technically well equipped for entering the labour market. But, what these young people have is a very joyful and pragamatic use of the internet and especially social media for communicating and sharing.

Teachers and trainers in VET are often not well equipped for teaching their students on how to promote the outcomes of work-based learning for developing a professional job identity or for job searches. But international surveys and studies show that companies have good experiences using social media for staff recruitment and that social media recruitment is going to increase significantly in the future.

The project wants to develop open learning modules for creating interactive, digital CVs with VET learners, apprentices and graduates. It will use a range of social media in order to demonstrate competences of learners developed in work based learning processes for a) developing a professional identity and b) for job application processes. Students should be enabled to reflect what they have learned in their training and to demonstrate this on the labour market, develop digital skills and presentation skills, learn about how to use social media safely and thoughtfully for professional purposes and hopefully impress employers with their skills and competences and thus gain employment.

The modules are engaging and motivating to reflect on competences and thus to develop sustainable job identities.

The learning modules are created to equip learners from different VET areas with the necessary skills to do this and will be tested with 90 learners in six countries. In order to facilitate European recognition it will be aligned to European transparency instruments (ECVET / EQF). The modules will be shared as open educational resources.

A train-the-trainer course will be set up for 72 teachers and trainers in VET in six countries to equip them with the necessary skills to guide and support their learners while using the learning modules.