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... shall we get that dream job?

Exploratory study on good practice on social media use for professional development, job searches and application processes in each one of the participating countries.


Addressed the trainers and teachers to implement social media resources
Addressed to VET students and graduates to be used to present their skills and competences for future employers


And testing of both modules for 90 students and 72 trainers in 6 countries, covering Adults Education and Vocational and Educational Training.


Across 5 national roundtables and one international conference to be held in Northern Ireland, in the website and in the social media.


6 countries
72 trainers
90 students
5 national rountables
complete share practices

Digital Job Identities

The Project

DIGI.JOB.ID wants to develop open learning modules for creating interactive, digital CVs with VET learners, apprentices and graduates. It will use a range of social media in order to demonstrate competences of learners developed in work based learning processes for a) developing a professional identity and b) for job application processes. The modules are engaging and motivating to reflect on competences and thus to develop sustainable job identities. The learning modules are created to equip learners from different VET areas with the necessary skills to do this and will be tested with 90 learners in six countries. In order to facilitate European recognition it will be aligned to European transparency instruments (ECVET / EQF). The modules will be shared as open educational resources.

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