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During summer 2013 the Culture Pilots offer new city tours through Linz. Together with the visitors they explore different quarters of the city and exchange their experiences with migration and intercultural society. The current Culture Pilots are part of the second education hosted in the bfi Linz. They are highly motivated to open new views on the city.

Current tours:
1) The “Spallerhof” with rough edges
The tour compares a catholic church with a Thai temple, buildings constructed in times of Hitler’s National Socialism and communist buildings in Poland with the living situation in Thailand. This and more is the topic of this international tour through the Spallerhof quarter with a Thai and a Pole Culture Pilot.

2) On the “Bindermichl“
The tour offers a roundtrip through an „ordinary” living quarter of Linz, seen through the eyes of a Bulgarian and Polish Culture Pilot, who tell unusual stories from their home countries. Parallels to their countries of origin are drawn and a new view on the well known things that we take for granted is created.

3) Around the train station: people in space and time
An intercultural tour through the district around the train station in Linz: This time the train station is the focus point as a place of destiny and longing. Often being a point of intersection in changing pathways of life it tells from goodbye and new directions, separation and departure, arrival and reunion. An Ukrainian and an Azerbaijani talk about their political motivated flight, their experiences in Austria, insecure perspectives and their longing for home.

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