Another EU project promoting new ways of discovering a city

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In Barcelona the ‘The Open Cities Urban Lab Challenge 2013 calls for solutions to solve identified TOURISM CHALLENGES‘.

The project takes place in a number of EU cities, from Berlin to Helsinki, to name only a few, and it promotes conscious tourism. Very much like the Culture Pilot project, it looks a new ways of discouvering the city and promotes teh interaction, rather than a voyeuristic observation, of the local environment, customs and people.

The project partners argue that ‘The best part of the experience of visiting a new place, is the cultural exchange between the visitor and the local culture. And who can best show you local culture than the locals themselves?? This type of cultural exchange can benefit both parties as they can learn from each other, connect through their cultural differences, exchange language, swap information about history or gastronomy, and experience the real city from a local point of view.

Many visitors seek this type of connection with the locals, lets help them find new ways of doing that!’
To find out about the project:

Culture Pilots

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