UN report: The economic cost of #VAW

Violence against women has been recognized internationally as a major violation of a woman’s human rights. This was formalized in 1993 with the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which, building upon themes developed at the World Conference on women held in Nairobi, stated that violence against women is both a result of and an obstacle to the achievement of women’s equality, affecting all women world-wide. […] Studies of the prevalence of violence against women world-wide indicate that violence is an issue that permeates every corner of society, is widespread and costly. A common way to organize the economic costs of violence is to place them in categories based on the consequences of violence and the services utilized as a result of violence. Costs can be found in seven major categories: Justice, Health, Social Services, Education, Business Costs, Personal or Household Costs and Intangibles. Separating the costs into manageable categories facilitates an understanding of the extent of the costs and consequences of violent acts.

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