Tamaia, NGO in Barcelona

Tamaia viure sense violència is an NGO based in Barcelona, providing support to women who suffer or have suffered violence. They have helpline, organize support groups and hold training for companies and syndicates how to prevent gender based violence, or how to act and give support. The organization is and composed of active women involved in the defence of freedom and the rights of women against patriarchal violence. The central idea that lies behind their task is to support women who ask for help in order to stop the violence cycle.

Their actions have 4 main lines:

  • Care for women suffering from violence (hotline, individual attention and group)
  • Prevention and awareness (activities, workshops, lectures, participation in social networks)
  • Institutional participation (youth prevention protocol) as advisors
  • General activities for women (health and shared learning)

Link: www.tamaia.org/es

Tamaia. Viure sense violència