Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion

Created in 1993, with the support of 15 large companies, FACE is a state-approved foundation. It aims to develop the social involvement of companies at national and international level. Large and small companies, regional and local authorities, public institutions involve themselves with FACE to act together and for everybody’s interests, acting against exclusion, discrimination and poverty. Its main action fields are social responsibility, integration, education, access to services, local development for a harmonious development of territories and for the benefit of its inhabitants.



Pour la Solidarité ASBL

Founded in 2002 by the Belgian economist Denis Stokkink, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ – PLS is an independent European think & do tank committed to promoting solidarity and sustainability in Europe. POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ takes action to defend and strengthen the European Social Model, which consists of a subtle balance between economic development and social justice.

CEPS Projectes Socials

CEPS PROJECTES SOCIALS is responsible for the management and implementation of socio-educational activities for children, young people and adults, further training for professionals and innovative research and development in new projects and practices. CEPS was established in 1994 and employs approximately 230 people, mainly in the Barcelona area.

Center of Women’s Studies and Policies

The Center has a history of surveys and researches on gender equality, women’s issues and violence against women, carried out under over 50 projects since 2003. It developed a capacity in providing expertise on gender equality issues and regularly participates in different national and international expert working groups; in drafting recommendations on policy implementation, on law amendments and on application of legislation through gender perspective. The CWSP is a member of COFACE – European Confederation of Family Organizations and IGPN – International Gender Policy Network.

Social Accountability

Social Accountability is a Greek NGO based in Athens, aiming to promote the principle of Social Accountability in every center of power and influence, through activities such as sensitization, mobilization of public opinion and public advocacy. The main aim of the NGO is to change the patterns and mechanisms of social accountability.

The Hellenic Network for CSR

CSR Hellas (Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility) is a non for profit business association, national partner of CSR Europe and coordinator of UN Global Compact Network Hellas. Founded in 2000, CSR Hellas counts more than 125 companies and organizations as members. Its objectives include promoting the idea, principles and values of CSR and business ethics, disseminating them into the Greek business community as well as the wider society. Its main activities focus on a humanistic approach towards balance between business case and social benefit.


Coordination du Lobby Européen des Femmes

The French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby is a lobby and as such lobbies national and European governments, parliamentarians and institutions to effectively promote equal rights and opportunities for women. The C.L.E.F. combats gender-based discrimination, whether economic, political or social. All forms of violence against women are of particular concern. For its member organizations, the C.L.E.F. provides a space for reflection, planning and implementation of actions to improve the status of women and to facilitate joint communication at all levels: local, national and European.


Associated partner

The European Association for People Management

The European Association for People Management (EAPM) was founded in 1962 by the national associations and professional institutions of personnel management in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.