National Workshop in Greece (April 4, 2016)

On April 4, 2016, CSR Hellas organized (along with the second Greek partner of the project, Social Accountability) an informative workshop where the results of national research conducted within the project were discussed as well as the current developments around the issue of gender based violence and the role of enterprises.

Firstly the project’s coordinator and the Greek partners presented the development of the project and the results of the research related to the phenomenon and the way that institutions and businesses deal with it in Greece. In particular, they reported the highlights of the results on: the existing institutional and legal framework, the extent of the phenomenon in the case of Greece, actions undertaken to address it, the perception of Greek enterprises and the good practices recorded.

Among the speakers, the presence of the Greek Secretary General for Gender Equality, Fotini Kouvela, was honorary she spoke about the work of the Secretariat and its actions in favor of equality and addressing violence against women. Furthermore, she emphasized the work of the Secretariat on conducting informative and educational seminars at schools and the Greek Police, as it is important for both the young people to learn and respect from an early age the principles of equality and the public officials to be able to understand and protect them. Finally, she referred to the fact that 21 already existing women’s shelters for victims of violence, have opened their doors to women-refugees, helping in this way to address this other humanitarian crisis.

In the workshop, the Director of Corporate Affairs, Vodafone Greece, Nicole Ioannidis, also participated presenting the company’s actions to strengthen and protect the women-employees, and the HeForShe campaign.

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