«How to Escape» from a Violent Relationship

This Guide in Greek on «How to Escape» from a Violent Relationship, informs women in a violent partner situation, as well as any other person interested in the subject, about what she can do, where to seek help and what services can be provided to her by the health, social care, judicial and public order system in Greece. It describes, in a simple way, the legislative framework, the existing organisations/agencies where she can ask for services, documentation, protection, support and/or therapeutic services (for herself and her children), but also the «steps» that she could follow.
The first chapters of the guide introduces readers to ‘Intimate Partner Violence’ and describes the living conditions, thoughts, feelings and difficulties that women survivors of violence are facing, the consequences of abuse, warning signs and myths that -unfortunately even today- surround the issue of women’s abuse by their intimate partner.

The guide is mostly written at the first person, using the voices of women that the storyteller met through her own journey, in order to describe the steps that she firstly had to find and then to follow in order to escape from her violent relationship.

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