Toxic masculinity

Ending male violence

What is the common characteristic between the recent mass murders in France, the almost daily shootings in the US, the various attacks that happened in Germany and in the United Kingdom? All murderers were men.

It is so obvious that we forget to notice it. We are also blinded by the fact that men are considered the “neutral default” making us focus on other characteristics: their religion, their origin, their mental health. However, this is no coincidence, and we should not overlook the evidence: toxic masculinity –teaching boys and men to be strong, to avoid being feminine, to be in control, to be violent – is the leading cause of those forms of violence, as well as of violence against women and children. There are not “extremists, but the product of a society where gender equality is still an unreached objective, where women are victims of various forms of male violence on a daily basis, and where gender stereotypes are well alive.

It is more than time to address this issue, if we want to reduce male violence in all its expressions.

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Toxic masculinity