EIGE : European Institute for Gender Equality

It is an autonomous body of the European Union created in order to contribute to the promotion of equality between women and men and strengthen it, including the integration of the gender dimension in all EU policies and resulting national policies and in the fight against discrimination based on gender, and in order to educate EU citizens to equality between …

Report on equality between women and men – 2014

European survey presenting key EU actions on gender equality, which combine legislation, policy measures and funding. It includes projects at national and grass-roots level, highlighting the joint efforts by the EU and its Member States. +info: external link

Tamaia, NGO in Barcelona

Tamaia viure sense violència is an NGO based in Barcelona, providing support to women who suffer or have suffered violence. They have helpline, organize support groups and hold training for companies and syndicates how to prevent gender based violence, or how to act and give support. The organization is and composed of active women involved in the defence of freedom …