That's no love

#ThatsNotLove campaign

When love is used as a weapon to control a partner, it’s not love anymore. The One Love Fondation’s campaing #ThatsNotLove intends to define the grey area between love and control to help recognize partner’s abuse before it escalates to worse forms of violence. For instance the mere sentence “because I love you” that reflects care in a healthy relationship, …

Stanford University

On Stanford rape case

The United-States have been recently shaken by the light sentence given to Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. On January 18, 2015 at night, he had been interrupted by two Swedish grad students on their bikes that have been concerned by the fact that the woman was not moving at all and confronted the …

Oscar Pistorius

On white privilege and celebrity: Oscar Pistorius’ jail term

Oscar Pistorius, the South-African athlete who shot to death Reeva Steenkamp, has been sentenced to a six years in prison instead of the prescribed 15 year sentence. Words lack to describe how shocking such a short jail term is as well as the justifications given for it and the incredible declarations of the murderer explaining why he should not return …

Violence and Gender

Bisexual women are more at risk of gender violence

Fighting against gender violence requires that we know who is more at risk of being a victim or an offender of such violence, and what are the main contexts and reasons of these violence. In this regard, the study (« Sexual Assault Victimization Among Straight, Gay/Lesbian, and Bisexual College Students » is particularly enriching. Indeed, it indicates that: two undergraduate …

Art to heal

Gender violence can leave multiple scars on victims, either psychic or physic. A Brazilian tattoo artist, Flavia Carvalho, proposes to help women own their bodies again by creating free tattoos to cover their scars. The project “The skin of the flower” aims to transform those marks into beautiful, empowering and healing tattoos. +info: external link

NL #CARVEDaphne – June 2016

It is more than time to tackle gender violence! The months of May and June 2016 have been marked by the unusual presence of gender violence issues in the media. Indeed, the recent accusations of sexual harassment against the now ex Vice-President of the French National Assembly revealed the extent of normalized sexism in French politics (source 1). However, the …

Presentation of the CARVE Guide – Responding to Violence Against Women

  In France, the presentation of the Guide for Companies – Responding to Violence Against Women took place the 4th of July at the Ministry of Economics and Finance. It gathered 75 participants, from companies having taken part in the CARVE project, specialized NGOs, public bodies and other stakeholders interested in this topic. Vincent Baholet, as Secretary General of the leading …

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Защо бизнесът е засегнат от темата насилие, основано на пола?

Паралелно изследване в Белгия, България, Гърция, Испания и Франция бе представено на Европейската конференция в Брюксел, по проект CARVE «Бизнесът за социална промяна: да спрем насилието, основано на пола”,която се фокусира върху ролята на европейските компании в превенцията на насилието, основано на пола. Данните сочат, че една от всека три жени е била жертва на подобно насилие поне веднъж в …

Summary: the cost of domestic violence

The Irish NGO Women’s Aid has created a short document summarizing the various costs of domestic violence, ranging from health costs to production-related costs and opportunity costs, and supported by data. It provides a strong evidence-based argument for governments to prioritise domestic violence. +info: external link