Toxic masculinity

Ending male violence

What is the common characteristic between the recent mass murders in France, the almost daily shootings in the US, the various attacks that happened in Germany and in the United Kingdom? All murderers were men. It is so obvious that we forget to notice it. We are also blinded by the fact that men are considered the “neutral default” making …

Get consent

Did you got consent?

Acknowledging the broad lack of understanding of what consent is, the Canadian Women’s Foundation creation a webpage dedicated to the issue, with a short but straightforward video explaining the consent. Get it?. +info: external link

National study for Bulgaria

INVOLVEMENT OF COMPANIES IN THE FIGHT AGAINST GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE The CARVE project is very innovative as a perspective for discussions on the ways and approaches for involvement of business in Bulgaria in the fight against gender-based violence. The process of selection and involvement of companies in the national Interview Program in Bulgaria and the interviews themselves, held in the period …

Workshop in Athens – 26th September 2016

CSR Hellas, under CARVE project, is holding a workshop entitled: «Companies responding to violence against women«, on Monday, September 26, 2016 (12.00-16.00), in Athens. The workshop is organized in collaboration with Social Accountability (the second Greek partner of the project) and AB Vassilopoulos (part of Delhaize Group), which will accommodate us in the auditorium of its headquarters (81 Spaton Avenue, …

BCN 15 de Septiembre 2016: Desayuno Networking

Empresas comprometidas contra la violencia de género. Organiza: CEPS Projectes Socials Con la colaboración de: BarcelonaActiva, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, la Associación MADcross, y AnnaCaboSolutions. Gracias a todas los participantes: empresa grande o pequeña, multinacional o familiar, start-up, ONG o entidad pública, interesadas en saber qué pueden hacer para abordar la violencia de género y compartir las incipientes pero relevantes acciones empresariales llevadas a cabo …

CARVE guides

NL #CARVEDaphne – July 2016

Companies for Social Change : Stopping Gender-Based Violence It cannot be repeated enough: one in three women is or will be victim of physical and/or sexual violence since the age of fifteen (source 1). “This means that statistically each one of us, regardless of social class, culture or nationality, is surrounded by victims of this scourge” (François-Henri Pinault, chairman of …

Barcelona 15 Setembre: Esmorzar Networking

Empreses compromeses amb la violència de gènere. Organitza: CEPS Projectes Socials Am la col.laboració de: Barcelona Activa, Ajuntament de Barcelona, l’Associació MADcross, i AnnaCaboSolutions. Gràcies a totes les participants: petita o gran empresa, multinacional o familiar, start-up, ONG o entitat pública, compromeses per abordar la violència de gènere i conèixer o compartir les acciones empresarials més rellevants al territori sobre el tema. El 15 …

Help DV

Supporting victims of gender violence: from words to acts

In Australia, Ms Antoniolli offers to move women who are experiencing domestic violence for free. Many reasons indeed prevent women from escaping an abusing relationship, including financial reasons (their abusive partner could also be controlling their finance). Ms Antoniolli helped many of her friends to flee their abusive partners and decided to extend her support to other women with her …

Angry Man

When women refuse

The TUMBLR “When Women Refuse” aims at recording the violence women face when they refuse men’s sexual advances. It tragically illustrates Margaret Atwood sentence: “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” +info: external link