28 Too Many “It happens here”

A Powerful poster campaign is highlighting the issue of FGM in Europe:

At CARVE, we really like this campaign that raises awareness on the closeness of this issue without resorting to stigmatisation.

Indeed, Female Genital Mutilations (FGM) is a widespread issue, affecting girls and women in every regions of the World. Concerned about the rise of this form of violence against women in Europe, the British charity 28 Too May launched a worldwide prevention campaign highlighting the extent of this phenomenon. Created in partnership with the leading marketing communications company Ogilvy and Mather London, the emotional campaign “It happens here” features European mutilated flags which have been sewn back together to be spread across outdoor poster sites, universities and media.

Indeed, each year three millions women and girls are at risk of FGM in every regions of the world from Africa to Americas and Europe. Often motivated by traditional or religious reasons, this practice is highly harming girls’ and women’s physical health and integrity.

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28 Too Many

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