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BeLearning Seminar in Barcelona (October 2014)

[View the story “Jornada BeLearning | Octubre 2014” on Storify]

New BeLearning Seminar in Brussels

Next October 24th, one of the BeLearning project partners, CESEP, will run a seminar about one of the crucial aspects of the BeLearning methodology: coworking in projects. For more information take a look a the attached brochure.   Invitation brochure: (pdf)

New BeLearning seminar this week in France

On 9th of October, in Le Puy-en-Velay, Greta du Velay organises a Belearning dissemination seminar. Media and audiovisual professionals are targeted . The BeLearning method will be presented and used so that they can optimise their use of social networks and free software. The potential of BeLearning will be demonstrated to imagine new scenario of use. In […]

Technologies to facilitate the emergence of projects

“The main activities are not those designed to produce and distribute objects, but those who produce and distribute knowledge and information”. According to the OECD, the ability to create, distribute and exploit knowledge has become a major source of competitive advantage and wealth creation. In this new form of activity, it is the interactions between […]

How technology can support community projects

“Technologies are there to provide tools for work intelligence”