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Coworking and training

In an economic environment constantly changing, keeping up to date the knowledge level of corporate stakeholders is a constant challenge for human resources management. This gives the training plan a strategic nature for the company. Management training plan is complex and must integrate various parameters related to the specificity of the sector and the legislative […]

Coworking and innovation

Coworking and innovation

Coworking is a type of work organization that combines two concepts: a shared workspace in a suitable physical space (connectivity , IT), and a network of workers couraging trade and openness. The idea behind is to allow self-employed workers not to remain isolated at home and be able to find in this place and through […]

Towards the final Conference

So far this year the main workshops and actions within the BeLearning project have been made. As part of the post-workshop activities from all the partners there’s the aim to prepare materials for the final Conference that will take place in Barcelona next June 18th and 19th. It will work specially as a conclusion of […]

Skills and legitimacy

The year 2020 has in many ways become synonymous with the future we have to prepare for. Not only the European institutions, but also national, regional and metropolitan governments use it as a focal point for strategic planning. For that future to be more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous, choices have to be made on a […]