CiutatBeta, a bottom up project

CiutatBeta is a bottom up Living Lab innovation project. One of the first learning experiences done under the BeLearning methodology. It is an interdisciplinary platform focusing on the DNA of the city from the perspective of people. Users co-create prototypes in local urban environments to address specific imbalances and offer creative solutions to everyday citizens. It aims for urban transformations as generators of wealth and sustainability.

The latest prototype has been already created and tested. #SentAntoni : collective construction of an emotional map of the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni de Barcelona. 470 sentiments were collected and shared in the street during festivals supported by a digital form and presential meetings. Thus anticipating new emotional metrics that could be created and managed by the citizens themselves for their neighbourhoods, solving local conflicts and negotiating with the local administration, which usually intervenes based on notions of efficiency and productivity.

The working group consisted of members of multidisciplinary professional experiences working around an open source project (everyone could have new ideas). Connectors (neighborhood associations and organizations) as experts and specialists in the territory in the intervention area have approached the users and the social, historical, cultural and urban reality. Together with the facilitators (Dpr Barcelona), they have exposed, energized and guided the experimental and horizontal process along which users learned and developed innovative skills.

CiutatBeta ends wondering how to implement the tested prototype to develop governance and social links between people and places.

Sara R. Cosmen