BeLearning implementation proposal: Greta du Velay

The implementation of the BeLearning methodology in Greta du Velay is foreseen as follows:

Context of training:
Formalab methodology has proved to be efficient with young adult learners facing cognitive difficulties.
BeLearning will expend the methodology with other groups of learners in vocational training schemes on a transdisciplinary approach.

Sensitize vocational trainers and learners to the Fablab concept and to the possibilities offered by Fablab workshops to foster employability (development of skills required by companies).
Develop digital project and collaborative skills of learners.
Plan the integration of Fablab activities in traditional vocation courses.
Choose one or two projects to illustrate this integration.

Target groups:
Trainers from Greta du Velay so that they incorporate the use of new technologies and open training methods in their cursus.
Vocational learners from Greta du Velay in a transdisciplinary approach  so that they develop their employability skills through Belearning (use of new technologies, digital techniques, collaborative open learning).

A first workshop will present the BeLearning concept to trainers and learners and inform them about the Fablab principles, the web site will be presented with the learning resources and the collaborative working facilities.
Hands on session will take place.
During one month learners, trainers and BeLearning mediators will work on elaborating projects for the development of Fablab activities in vocational learning contexts.
The objective is to share, transfer and transform in practices the ideas generated by the first workshop.
A conclusion workshop will allow to formalise the work and to take decisions for action.

Web site:
A section of Formalab web site will be dedicated to BeLearning.
It will include collaborative writing features.
A forum tool will be used to communicate.

The first workshop will be held the week 16-10 dec 2013.
The conclusion workshop will take place by the end of January.