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Regione Piemonte
Regione Piemonte
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Settore Affari Generali e Pari Opportunità per Tutti

Piedmont Regional Authority
Equal Opportunities for All Unit
Via Avogadro, 30
10122 TORINO
Tel. +39 0114325505 Fax +39 0114326236

Regione Piemonte (Piedmont Regional Authority) is the territorial intermediate body between the central (government) public administration and the local authorities (provincial and municipal authorities), which exercises legislative and administrative power granted to it by the Italian constitution.
In 2005 the Regione Piemonte set up the Equal Opportunities Committee, and in 2008 it created a new Unit called Equal Opportunities for all, set up at the Head Office of the President of the Regional Ruling Committee. This Unit has among its responsibilities the promotion of regional regulations, programmes and initiatives for combating every form of discrimination (pursuant to art. 19 TFCE), the promotion of positive actions, and relations with national and international bodies involved in equal opportunities and in combating discrimination.
In December 2009 Piedmont Regional Authority defined an intervention strategy for combating discrimination, which includes initiatives for protecting the rights of, and promoting equal opportunities for, the  LGBT population (according to art. 21 of The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and art. 19 of TFCE).

Contact person: Enzo Cucco –


Provincia di Torino
Provincia di Torino
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Servizio Pari Opportunità e Politiche dei Tempi

Province of Turin
Equal Opportunities  and Time Policies Sector
Corso Giovanni Lanza, 75
10131 TORINO
Tel. +39 0118613537 Fax +39 0118613539

The Province of  Turin cares about equality by adopting strategies destined to carry on some projects already ongoing (both internal and posted on its territory) but also by realizing new activities. These activities consider equality policies that cannot be renounced in order to obtain a lasting growth for the employment, and for the social competitiveness and cohesion: in this way they will truly modify several social disparities, which unfortunately still exist.
The Equal Opportunities and Time Policies Sector shoots for promoting,  co-ordinating and realizing equal gender’s rights and opportunities by means of provincial territorial plans; in further it is in the front line for the prevention and the removal of each type and cause of discrimination.
Since 2006 the Province of Turin has collaborated with the Turin City Council for the enforcement of policies for tackling homophobia by sharing, through the interaction between Equal Opportunities and Time Policies Sector and the LGBT Office, both the networking initiatives such as the National Network RE.A.DY and the others events extended to the provincial area.

Contact person: Laura Vinassa –; Giada Giustetto –

GLBT Torino Pride Coordination
Via Santa Chiara, 1
10122 TORINO
Tel. /Fax  +39 0115212033

The GLBT Torino Pride Coordination is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender associations operating all over the territory of  Piedmont, together with non-LGBT associations, involved in supporting some shared values such as laity, respect and enhancement of differences. The Coordination was born in 1999 and has always been organizing political, social and cultural initiatives for LGBT people’s rights, to defend their identity and their dignity, and to overcome prejudices and discriminations based on sexual orientation and gender. It promotes activities to exchange ideas with the Public Administration, political institutions, trade unions, education and religion representatives. It enhances an exchange and a synergy with other social, youth and women associations.
The organization of the National  Pride in 2006 and joining ILGA in 2008, have been two important stages of its existence. Currently it is promoting the  Pride (June 28th), the celebration of the World Day against Homophobia  (May 17th) and the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th)

Contact person: Daniele Viotti –