The house of the bears (ongoing, since June 2010)

“Het Berenhuis” ( The house of the Bears ) is Storytelling and working with “Mouzart”, a mouse with a stubborn dream. It is a permanent action of Art 27 about art education and languages. Because Art 27 is convinced that different projects need interaction and good ideas / projects have to be implemented in the daily work of the organization, so Art 27 coupled the two projects “736ideas4adream“ and “Het Berenhuis”. In “Het Berenhuis” we work with a story of “Mouzart” … a little mouse that dreams to become a new Mozart … This story in 10 different languages helps discuss with children and adults how to make dreams come true, overcome obstacles, exclusion and finding support to address difficult situations. Reaction of both children and adults, are very promising : the story is a save eye opener … people can start to talk about the mouse instead of their personal situation.