Sunday, 9th of May 2010, Europe Day

Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona

Great visions are also mine, yours and ours. Who says that not any of us can contribute and suggest solutions, offer new points of view? 736 is the number of Members of the European Parliament who will receive ideas to make reality a dream: a Europe free from social exclusion. 736 is also the number of people who, from our entire continent, have contributed with their knowledge, their free will and their intuition to create images, drawings and reflections to be shared.

Europe Day is also an occasion to celebrate our values, those that allow hope and which give us confidence to be part of a larger community that does not leave anyone out, be their situation what may.

The 9th of May, at the Convent Sant Augustí, in Barcelona, the postcard/images collected were presented at a celebration with DJ, VJ, an exhibition, and especially with the participants from 6 countries who shared their ideas with all of us.

Here a short clip about the day: